Finished my Sketchbook Project for 2018!

If you’ve never done The Sketchbook Project from The Brooklyn Art Library, you should give it a try. This is my third sketchbook and is a great way to get a bunch of work flowing in a short time. I started in February and just finished in time for the April 30th deadline. Once I send it off, the finished sketchbook goes on tour all over the United States in something akin to a bookmobile —then the book goes into the Brooklyn Art Library collection and can be viewed by anyone who visits. If you pay extra, they’ll scan it and post it online. I’m being cheap this time and not going for that option, so you can see it here on my blog instead.
This particular sketchbook is a compilation of figure drawings I completed at AFA Gallery’s monthly life drawing sessions. I’m going on 3 years now of off and on attendance and I have acquired a stack of newsprint and drawing pads filled with figure drawings, so I “figured” I should do something with them. I selected drawings that would fit in the book and collaged with images and text from a 1924 encyclopedia. I then drew more figures and lines on top of the collages. Added some black and gold for drama and elegance.
Media includes pencil, charcoal, conte and ink.