USPS Commemorative Stamp

Design a commemorative stamp and a creative presentation for it (folder, sheet, portfolio) which conveys a sufficiently weighty theme to represent America and a sufficiently distant presence to appeal to consumer impulses. Your stamp designs should honor significant ideas, inventions, people, culture or events. Do not just find a photo or pull stock imagery. You are to create a unique design. (note: if you honor a person, he/she must be deceased at least 10 years)
The stamp can be a series of related images or a single design within the “package”.
The final presentation of this project must include a quality presentation of the design with strong image resolution and printed in a high quality comp for critique. Final images should be 300 dpi and CMYK.
Basic formula for stamp content:
• Portrait bust – profile or full-face
• Emblem – coat of arms, flag, national symbol, etc
• Numeric – a design built around the numeral of value
• Pictorial
Size: The standard USPS commemorative format measures 36x22mm. Horizontal or vertical is acceptable. There are other sizes, if you could validate and show reference of another size other than this one you may use it.
Include: The new price of a stamp is 50¢;  you may create it as a forever stamp.
Research to make sure your topic hasn’t been done:
Star Wars :
Star Trek:
You may want to research your topic at the following website: American Memory from the Library of Congress for ideas and images sources
Due Wednesday, Dec 11. Printout and PDF