Window Painting Project for Scrantonmade Holiday Market at the Globe

The annual ScrantonMade Holiday Market is being held at the old Globe department store famed for its holiday displays and Santa in downtown Scranton. The old Globe store, closed since the early 90s, spans the block from Wyoming Ave. to Penn Ave.  As part of the ScrantonMade Holiday Market design team, I was tasked to paint 6 large display windows and the Penn Ave. entrance. I assembled a top notch team of graphic design students and another design faculty member from Marywood University to tackle the big project.
Not having painted windows before, I did some research and found that doing it on the outside is the best for visibility and to use Dick Blick student grade tempera as the consistency and opaqueness works well plus it’s easy to clean off as opposed to acrylic or latex paint. The only downside is it’s not waterproof in a downpour. So we are spraying it will fixative and trying out Aquanet weatherproof hairspray too. The test will be this coming weekend as we are forecast with some rain and snow. It only needs to hold up until Dec. 4th! Fingers crossed! I’ll post more photos as we finish.
Update: tempera and fixative hold well up to the elements. Aquanet hairspray is too watery and not a fine mist when spraying on.
Designers: Chris Medley, John Meza, Emmaneul Adjei, Jake Santos, Katlynn Whitaker, Gabby Creazzo, and Rachel Hines.

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